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When you watch Netflix from your computer or laptop, it is automatically sent to your account.


History sync

If you watch Netflix from a smartphone, chromecast or other devices, you can sync your history any time you want.


❌ This extension you only work with Netflix HTML player and new layout. If you are in the old layout, please open the new one. Click here more information.

❌ This is guaranteed to work using Netflix in English. I haven't tested with other languages, but full support is on my plans to next versions.

❌ After the movie/episode finishes, please click in Back to Browse, Netflix home, next episode or something. If you just close the browser it will probably doesn't work.

❌ For the episode to be set as "watched" on Trakt, the progress must be 80% or greater. If you find a movie/episode that have long credits, please report to me.

❌ In order to discover what movie/episode you're watching I need to search for the title on The shows need to have a seson on the title eg: How I Met Your Mother: S7:E3 "Ducky Tie" in order to work.

❌ The scrobble feature will not work if you're watching with a chromecast. Please use the history sync in this case.

Privacy Policy

Information we collect

This extension doesn't keep any information of the users in any kind of database.

Each user has an access token, used to comunicate with servers. This token is saved locally in the user's browser, so it doesn't require to login every time.

The title of what you're watching is scraped from the Netflix's player HTML in order to send it to

The Netflix history only stays in the browsers memory while the user requests it. The data cames from the logged user in Netflix.

How we use information we collect

The access token aquired from account is used to add and find items in user's history.

All the communication between this extension and the servers is made through HTTPS.

To login in, this extension uses Google Chrome's App identity. You'll be redirected to's secure login page. Your login and password are not stored or logged by this extension, they're directly sent to Chrome's app identity and later to

The Netflix viewing history is used to compare with the user's history.

This extension doesn't grab any personal data from your Netflix account.


If you find any problems or have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me via twitter.